You Are BEING Great!

The art of simply being is often lost in the relentless pursuit of material wealth and achievement of modern society.  Despite our declarations of wanting a more balanced and fulfilled life, we continue to operate in a state of constant rushing around, bringing the same fast-paced, striving mentality from our work and professional lives into our personal lives.  This incessant doing mode leaves little room for the cultivation of being or balance.


We must remember that balance is not something we find or happen across, it is something that we intentionally need to create for ourselves.  Creating this balance requires a conscious shift from preoccupation with what’s going on externally to bringing our awareness inwards and connecting in with our inner world.  Checking in on the emotional, mental and physical weather pattern as much as we concern ourselves with the meteorological weather.  Inhabiting the body as opposed to living in our heads all of the time. 


Strengthening the ability to  pay attention so that we can experience the present moment with awareness, rather than living in the virtual realities of the past and future; worrying, planning and ruminating.   It means stepping out of the chaos of life at times to create moments of calm, away from busyness to stillness.


It involves embracing our humanity as beings rather than always defining ourselves by our level of busyness, actions and accomplishments.


This shift from “human doing” to “human being” is vital for our well-being, allowing us to get to know ourselves, reconnect and to find peace in the midst of chaos.  It can help us realise that our self-worth is not actually connected to corporate productivity and output from constant striving.   We begin to see that true fulfilment, joy and balance are found in the moments of stillness, in the spaces between our actions, where we can breathe, reflect, and simply be.