So You're A Mindfulness Teacher!

🤔 Yip!  I’m a mindfulness teacher… it’s still strange saying that.  Sometimes I still feel like I’m on extended leave of absence and that I’ll be due back to the office for a month end, year-end or the billionth financial audit 😆. 


So what is it that you do now?

My intention now is to help people find BALANCE in their work and personal lives so that they can experience the peace, clarity & calmness of mind required to live out more productive, fulfilling, and happy lives. 

From having walked the path myself, I believe now it’s often not so much the job itself (or relationship or health issue or whatever stressor it might be) that’s causing the biggest problems but more how we are relating to the job (or said stressor) that causes the severe & often chronic stress. 


One of the things that I find most strange and very satisfying now is the sense of ease in my body and mind.  Looking back on life, in the not too distant past, I realise that I spent a lot of my time in a contracted state of stress (the fight, flight, freeze response) and completely unaware it!  Stomach in knots, tight shoulders, locked jaw, furrowed forehead and medicating with comfort eating and drinking. 


Mindfulness first showed me how to build the capacity for self-awareness (which becomes a continuous improvement project may I add! 😁).  It challenged me to take a look at myself, my habits, my beliefs and my behaviours.  Then with this new found awareness and clarity, along with a set of mindfulness principles as guide rails, I discovered new ways of relating to life’s experiences that reduced my suffering, removed subconscious & self-sabotaging road blocks that I had built for myself and increased my level of happiness and wellbeing.  It allowed me to thrive.