Life Coaching

“Everyone needs a coach. We all need people that give us feedback. That’s how we improve.” Bill Gates

Making positive life changes is so worth it but almost never easy. This is where life coaching can help. A life coach guides and encourages clients through personal or career challenges and/or serves as an accountability partner to reach their ultimate goals.

Talking to friends/family can be great but they can be biased in their views and counsel. Life coaching is a way to access an independent and non-judgemental sounding board in a safe confidential space, where problems can be explored; structure & clarity put around scattered thoughts or ideas; or where a way forward can be discovered within a project or goal that currently seems stuck.

Coaching can change the way we think about things. Most of our thoughts are repetitive but when we are asked new questions, we come up with new & creative answers! New thoughts = new results (vs. same thoughts daily = same results daily)

Coaching is not advice, therapy, or counselling.

I believe from my own personal experiences, that everyone has potential to grow, change and mould their behaviour, habits and ultimately their lives in whatever way they chose and at any stage in life. There are no limits to our capabilities except those we hold in our minds.

Each coaching session would be arranged and conducted in accordance with a code of ethics and contract agreed upon at the outset. I would endeavor to identify the right focus (current state), outcome (desired state) and my role in achieving that outcome with the client within each session. However, based on my practice, I do realize that sometimes the client presents not knowing themselves what the true focus is, and this may take time to unearth through active listening, questioning, feedback and observations. Questions can be used to gain more insight, move the client forward, challenge &/or uncover client blind spots. Observations can be made in relation to what the client says or does within the conversation e.g. pace of dialogue, body language, reactions or statements.

Similar to mindfulness and yoga, coaching is all about creating more awareness to allow us to respond and make the best possible choices for ourselves in pursuit of a fuller and happier life.