One year ago this week, I was due back to the office after a nine month career break, that I had taken to complete my Masters in Mindfulness Based Wellbeing in UCC.  I was due back to the desk on June 15th 2023, back to the spreadsheets, back to the daily commute, the emails, the reports, the back to back meetings, the month ends, the audits & the whole daily routine of the financial analyst in a multi-national company… which, as I always say, served me very well for many years, but I felt my heart wasn’t in it anymore.  And that’s ok! Humans evolve, all beings grow, life changes. Just like any long term relationship that has ran it’s course…it was great, exciting and rewarding for a long time but now it was time to leave and I had felt it in my bones for a while.

Long story, short…I never went back after the career break.  A highly risky manoeuvre for anyone, yet alone the conservative accountant type, to leave a “good pensionable job” and to go full time mindfulness & yoga teaching, or full time “woo woo” as some might consider it.  I could almost hear people thinking, “she must be absolutely mad” and to those who asked me “but what about the pension?”, I recalled how a very good friend (& ex-colleague) had recently passed away at the age of 62…and what about her pension?!!  What about the long days that she had put in, working so diligently and conscientiously for her pension, never to see a penny of it.  I decided I would take the heartbreaking lesson on board, make the change and take the risk for potentially finding a way of life that I would truly love, that I wouldn’t feel the need to “retire” from.  It didn’t take too long…

As I type, I’m looking out the window onto the Costa del Sol.  Blue sky, blue sea and the heat of the summer sun radiating the room.  But it’s not the location or the external weather that really matters.  What has changed most is the internal weather pattern;  the peace, calm and ease that comes with spending your life’s time (whatever duration remains) on what you truly love.  Today, for example, I’m getting ready to run my weekly live online yoga class tonight and I am just after receiving a beautiful heartfelt 5-star rated review for my latest offering of the 8-week Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction course, which I finished on Sunday night last… with an amazing group of individuals.

All of this to say… if you are looking to make a change.  If your body, heart and mind are crying out for it… do it!  Life is too short to be putting it off to retirement or another un-promised point into the future that may never arrive.  NOW is the best time to make the change!  Things really have a miraculous way of falling into place if you follow your heart.  I know that does sound “woo woo” but it’s absolutely based on lived experience.  If you would like advice, support or an independent sounding board to get the ball rolling, please feel free to reach out to me.