So I ‘ve had a couple of classes since I began teaching yoga where no one turned up.  And I can proudly say that I never took it personally because in recent years, I have come to realise that no experience is ever wasted, there is always something to be learned, sometimes a reinforced learning, or a reminder I need a rest or sometimes a re-direction back onto the “right path” for where I’m going.


There is nothing to be feared, only understood…

In the past, even the thought of arranging a class, never mind having no one turn up to it would have crippled me with anxiety.  I wouldn’t have allowed myself get into the situation in the first place; no class would have been created FOR FEAR of no body showing up.  But what was the fear?  Fear is a temporary energy moving around in the body, which for me, usually manifests as an unpleasantness in my stomach.  And if I don’t start adding negative thoughts to create compounding sensations of fear, this biological sensation will dissolve in 90 seconds!!  Yes, that’s it, 90 seconds!  And what if I had let this temporary sensation of fear over power me? What if I had chosen to allow fear in the driving seat of my life?  Well, I would probably be still sitting unfulfilled at my old job and would never have experienced the joy, the chats, the laughs and friendships that have since come from the 100’s of classes that I’ve had the privilege of running since.


Build inner belief

But I’d be afraid of what people would think?  Who does she think she is?! This was such a huge thing for me in the past.  It’s such a paralysing way of thinking.  The beauty of mindfulness is that with practice you grow a fearlessness and a self-worth that’s no longer dependant on external validation of others.  When I let go of this fear, it was a real game changer and it opened up so many opportunities for new experiences.  It was like a ball and chain had been unlocked from my ankles and I was free to fly!


“Just Do It” & Taking imperfect action

Over the years too, I have come to know that no amount of thinking about, reading about, estimating or surmising will ever compensate for just doing the thing and finding out for real …so I just do the thing!  Yes, the first time (or indeed anytime)  will never be perfect but it’s a lot better than the void from inaction.  In the long term, taking action & giving it a go saves a lot of time and energy otherwise given over to unproductive rumination and agonising procrastination.  What’s the worst that can happen?

Life’s an adventure, take the next best step and trust the process!